create lama_dictionary objects


Create a new lama_dictionary class object


Coerce to a lama_dictionary class object

translate variables

lama_translate() lama_translate_() lama_to_factor() lama_to_factor_()

Assign new labels to a variable of a data.frame

lama_translate_all() lama_to_factor_all()

Assign new labels to all variables of a data.frame

alter lama_dictionary objects

lama_select() lama_select_()

Select multiple variable translations and create a new lama_dictionary object

lama_rename() lama_rename_()

Rename multiple variable translations in a lama_dictionary object

lama_mutate() lama_mutate_()

Change or append a variable translation to an existing lama_dictionary object


Merge multiple lama-dictionaries into one

save and read lama_dictionary objects


Write a yaml file holding translations for one or multiple variables


Read in a yaml file holding translations for one or multiple variables

various other functions

lama_get() lama_get_()

Retrieve a translation from a lama_dictionary class object


Check if an object is a lama_dictionary class object


Check if an object has a valid lama_dictionary structure